for the wild hearts

We are inspired by all things wild, romantic and perfectly imperfect. We love exploring beauty in unlikely places. Our work represents genuine, playful and adventurous love. We chase the colourful, quirky, unscripted relationships that you share, quietly capturing the little moments with big feelings.

The Paper Fox is a small creative company based in Southern Sydney who focus on all things bridal. We are a team of photographers, videographers and designers who love every intricate detail; from creating bespoke wedding invitations and stationery to capturing your story behind the lens. The best part of our job is that it never feels like work; our projects become a huge part of our lives and our hearts are completely invested into every project we’re lucky enough to be a part of.

The creative journey started in the sixth grade, when founder Kristen discovered the joy of taking photos of friends and loving their emotional responses when they recognised their own beauty. Her love of photography then grew into The Paper Fox, and from day one the camera has always been a tool to connect, helping capture the beauty of the moment and bring joy to those sharing in it. It is just an added bonus that we get to adventure and travel to fantastic and far out locations, because for us it has always been about capturing the authentic beauty we see in one another. We are always learning, growing and developing our skills, but what will always remain the same is our ability to fall head over heels for every project we are a part of.

Tell us your story and let's create something beautiful together.


meet the team


Kristen Brooke
Photographer and Graphic Designer

Kristen Brooke is a freelance photographer, videographer, graphic designer and full time flora enthusiast. In her spare time she is hunting for new locations to photograph, finding more plants and flowers to fill her life or has her head stuck behind a computer glued to the latest project.

Since founding The Paper Fox in 2011, Kristen has loved every second of the creative journey and can't wait to see what the future holds.


Bella May
Videographer + Photographer

Bella May is a woman of many hats and incredible talent, from weddings and fashion to intimate portrait sessions, she is capable of it all! A delicate wallflower, she will be a fly on the wall and still manage to capture those special moments in between when no one was watching.

We love Bella for her beautiful style, her kind nature and her bubbly personality! She is always willing to take on a challenge and blows everyone away time after time.


Janna Maree
Photographer + Graphic Designer

Janna Maree is our beautiful portrait and wedding photographer. You won't find a more soft, genuine and intelligent soul to work alongside. She fills any room with joy and creativity and makes everyone feel calm and at ease as soon as she steps behind the camera lens.

We love Janna for her unique eye, impeccable attention to detail and gentle nature. She puts her heart + soul into everything she does.


Shenay Jade
Videographer + Photographer

Shenay is so bright and joyful. She has an incredible eye for photography and videography and is influenced by her background in Music and Design.

Shenay has a heart for capturing family, life style and live music photography and videography, you will no doubt catch her dancing her heart out with you at on a wedding dance floor! We love Shenay for her fantastic sense of humour and vibrant energy.


Maddy Grace
Graphic Designer

Maddy Grace is our in house designer and manages all of our content creation and branding designs. Not only is she a fantastic Graphic Designer but also has a talent for styling, photography and is an all round creative superstar. 

We love Mads for her fantastic wit, hard working character and creative eye for branding, hand crafted lettering, digital marketing and web design. 


Sharny Yoko
Intern + Designer

Sharny Yoko is our in house intern and crafter-extraordinaire. Not only does Sharny have an innate ability to make anything she touches elegant and beautiful but she will also make you laugh while she's doing it. 

Sharny’s nick name Shiny doesn’t begin to explain how truly sparkly she is! She adds her own unique flare to her illustrations, hand lettering, macramé designs and paper crafts.

We are always looking for creatives to come on board, we would love to hear from you!