justine + tommy


WHAT A WEDDING! These two are the most sentimental, joyful and all round best couple to be around. It was such a pleasure to celebrate their wedding along side them both and their amazing families. I first fell head over heals for Justine and Tommy at their engagement party which you can check out here where we got to take some of the cutest photos around the gardens with balloons. This moment ended up becoming a feature piece of their wedding day when Justine gifted Tommy with the most beautiful illustration of the photograph framed as a momento to celebrate this amazing milestone in their relationship.

These two don’t do anything in halves and completely went to town on every beautiful detail. A few of my favourite moments of the day included Justines beautiful aunties helping her get into her wedding dress, sharing in the emotion and excitement of the day. I also loved every moment of their choreographed first dance which they totally nailed! These two put Prince Charming and Cinderella to shame. Justine and Tommy did not stop smiling the whole day — My heart is so warm when I look through these images. Congratulations to the Judes! You can see more from their day at #heyjudes on IG

did you love every detail from Justine and Tommy’s day just as much as I did?
if so you will DEFINITELY enjoy heather and davids regal celebration