the Jiminez’ family


I have been lucky enough to know Lauren and her beautiful family for a few years now. I met Lola when she was just a toddler and was able to see Lauren through her pregnancy with Neave. Lauren is one of my most valued and fantastic friends; she has been a constant support and encouragement in life and career and I have loved walking along side her watching her business Aisle of Eden and family grow. Lauren is such a powerful woman in my life and her positive, tireless hard working, gentle and caring nature is only a small portion of who she is; no words can truly encompass how much of a super woman she really is! 
I loved every second spent with the Jimenez family and consider myself so lucky to know them. You can see for yourself just how beautiful the home and family they have built for themselves is and I am so excited to see what the future brings their family.
As if summer afternoons jumping on beds and building sand castles together could be considered work!!